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    Uniquely Defined is committed to providing intentional leadership consulting and services to startups, small businesses, and nonprofits through our three-prong approach: Learn, Practice, and Apply! We focus on making you stand out from the crowd in the constantly evolving world. We cover everything: from the basics to branded strategies and process management. Whether you are trying to solve a single problem or motivate the masses, we are here to help.


Training Process:

We go above and beyond by truly studying your company's brand and competition before creating a social media strategy. We believe this is an essential step to engaging your target audience.


Content Strategies:

Anyone can post a message on social media, and almost everyone does. However, in order to be truly successful, you need a branded strategy with one voice that your entire team will understand. How to communicate with your audience is one of the keys to social media success.


Process Management:

When it comes to social media, we believe less time spent in front of your computer gives you more time to manage your business. This is why we have designed planning tools to help any organization, no matter the size, execute a meaningful social media strategy in limited time.


Social Media Workshops

Uniquely Defined recognizes that social media training is often too expensive and inaccessible for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals; so we have designed a series of packages and workshops at a reasonable price to make sure everyone has access to the knowledge needed to be successful in social media.

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